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hard water

Why hard water could be ruining your coffee

João Carvalho chats to Dr David Beeman of Global Customized Water about the impact of water hardness on coffee’s flavour and the equipment used to brew it... Read more
particle size distribution

Particle size distribution explained

Jenna Gottlieb takes a deep dive into the complex world of particle size distribution with the help of 2020 UK Brewers Cup Champion, Matteo D’Ottavio and technical manager at European Coffee Brewing Centre, Stig Hiller... Read more
crema espresso

Espresso essentials: The science behind the perfect crema

Coffee research manager, Michelle Anindya, provides in-depth analysis of the thin yet indispensable layer of foam atop espresso, demonstrating that it’s about far more than just aesthetic gratification... Read more

Does mandatory English make the WBC unfair?

International Barista Coffee Academy founder, Patrick O’Malley, offers insight into the importance of language skills at the prestigious World Barista..... Read more
temperature for brewing coffee

Is 94°C the perfect temperature for brewing coffee?

João Carvalho speaks to sensory scientist Veronica Belchior about the impact of brewing temperature on how we perceive the characteristics of coffee... Read more