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what the size of a double espresso says about the changing nature of the coffee industry.

Has the size of a double espresso changed?

Ben Mitchell explores what the size of a double espresso says about the changing nature of the coffee industry... Read more
boiling water on coffee

Too hot to handle: Is boiling water bad for coffee?

Matt Haw explores how science is attempting to calculate the perfect brewing temperature for coffee, and why for baristas, it’s all about consistency... Read more
freezing roasted coffee beans on ice

Why Australian coffee shops are freezing roasted coffee beans

Coffee roasting expert Jim Brady chats to Hayley Osborne about why Australia’s preference for freezing roasted coffee may take a while to catch on... Read more

Does crema have a place in the future of espresso?

UK Barista Championship finalist and senior barista at WatchHouse, Evangelos Koulougousidis, chats to Imogen Phillips about the purpose of crema and its future in the world of espresso brewing... Read more
descaling espresso machine

Can descaling your espresso machine really extend its shelf life?

WBC sensory judge and 2020 Italian Roasting Champion, Davide Cobelli, speaks to Jenna Gottlieb about the importance of descaling espresso machines and how prosumers can do it at home... Read more

The Tilt: Can the angle of the cup improve the quality of your coffee?

Anay Mridul speaks with several coffee experts to find out why baristas tilt their cups when pouring latte art and whether the same technique can improve extraction... Read more
tamping technique

Why bad tamping technique could be holding back your espresso

Champion Italian barista Alessandro Galtieri speaks with Tanya Nanetti about the importance of espresso tamping and why only the best tamping technique will result in a satisfying brew... Read more
pre-workout coffee

Is “pre-workout coffee” a scam?

João Carvalho speaks with professional nutritionist Carolina Baliere to find out whether a cup of coffee can act as an effective pre-workout supplement... Read more
economics of coffee blends

Understanding the economics of coffee blends

As blends continue to rise in popularity in the specialty coffee sector, Jenna Gottlieb speaks with Origin’s head of coffee, Freda Yuan, and 2017 WBC Champion, Dale Harris, about their cost-saving benefits... Read more
coffee's astringency

The art of reducing astringency in coffee

Benedict Smith speaks with the Coffee Board of India’s quality specialist, Dr Ramya Mohan, about how baristas can harness the power of science to tackle astringent cups of coffee... Read more