Research & Development

Is there an ideal roast profile for superautomatic espresso machines?

Barista trainer at Cornico Coffee and SCA AST, Millie Gay, speaks with Tanya Nanetti about how the roast profile you use on a superautomatic coffee machine can make all the difference... Read more
light roast espresso

How to unlock the full potential of light roast espresso shots

Barista trainer Alex Slater shares how light roasted coffees require a fine-tuned approach to espresso brewing – and how good espresso machines can make all the difference... Read more
mineral content of water for coffee

How does the mineral content of water affect espresso?

Imogen Rose Phillips speaks with Water for Coffee author, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, and national sales manager at BWT, William Hinton, to analyse the relationship between water’s mineral content and the quality of espresso... Read more
paper filters for espresso

Paper filters for espresso: Are they really necessary?

Benedict Smith speaks with coffee expert Denis Sabou to find out more about why adding a paper filter to your portafilter basket could be the key to a better cup of coffee... Read more

Is solubility the key to a better cup of coffee?

Wageningen Food Safety Research scientist, Dr Anja Rahn, explains the importance of solubility when it comes to preparing the perfect cup of coffee... Read more
steaming plant-based milks

A barista champion’s guide to steaming plant-based milks

Anay Mridul speaks with 2018 UK Barista Champion, Josh Tarlo, about the popularity of plant-based milks and how baristas should be steaming them... Read more
franchise coffee shop

Specialty coffee shops: When is the right time to franchise?

Scaling is the goal of many coffee shop owners – but is there an opportune moment to start franchising? Matt Haw discusses the question with Biggby Coffee co-founder Bob Fish... Read more
flow profiling

Can flow profiling espresso machines produce a better cup of coffee?

Tanya Nanetti speaks with coffee consultant and barista trainer Esther-Hope Gibbs about how controlling the flow rate on espresso machines can elevate the home barista experience... Read more
beauty boosting coffee

Breaking down the science behind “beauty-boosting” coffee

Jess Palmer discusses the rise of beauty-boosting products with Flash Coffee’s Mayuri Raj – and whether enough research exists to support claims... Read more
pressure profiling home barista

How pressure profiling elevated the home barista experience

Tanya Nanetti speaks with 2022 Italian Barista Champion, Matteo Pavoni, about how pressure profiling has changed the game for home baristas... Read more