Sustainability & Supply Chain

high arabica prices

How high arabica prices have opened up new opportunities for robusta

Jenna Gottlieb speaks with the founder of Bonomi, Vardhman Jain, about the ongoing coffee price crisis and how robusta presents a viable solution for the future... Read more
coffee shop closures

Could rising energy bills kill off coffee shops?

The co-founder of Taylor St Baristas and director of Tolley Coffee & Tea, Andrew Tolley, discusses the ongoing European energy crisis and how coffee shops can navigate what is proving a challenging period... Read more
a man stands outside a specialty coffee shop

How to find the perfect wholesale coffee roaster (according to London’s best coffee shops)

Chris Sheppard of Rosslyn Coffee and Will Mills of Common in London reveal how finding the perfect wholesale coffee partner can unlock your coffee shop’s full potential... Read more
plant-based milks

Are plant-based milks really sustainable?

Sustainability expert Laura Gelder-Robertson discusses the environmental impact of plant-based milk production and why consumers should be wary of “carbon tunnel vision”... Read more
barista handing over a takeaway coffee

Is a takeaway cup ‘tax’ the best way of cutting waste?

Bronwyn Linkhorn chats with KeepCup’s managing director, Abigail Forsyth, about whether more can be done to cut waste in the coffee industry... Read more
experimental micro-lot coffee

The myth of experimental micro-lot coffee

Green coffee trader Carlos Umanzor speaks to Tanya Nanetti about the “experimental micro-lot” trend, breaking down the real meaning of the term without the sugar-coating... Read more
coffee education

How simple tech is driving big developments in coffee education

Diana Zuluaga of Heylo Coffee and Rafael Maggion of Barcelona Coffee Guide speak to Jess Palmer about how they are utilising technology to help coffee consumers make more informed choices... Read more

How can coffee shops manage rising costs without decreasing coffee quality?

Bronwyn Linkhorn speaks with two coffee experts to find out about the impact of rising costs and what businesses can do to survive without compromising on quality... Read more
carbon footprint of espresso

Step by step: The quest to reduce the carbon footprint of espresso

Jenna Gottlieb investigates how innovation in espresso technology can mitigate some impacts of climate change and make coffee less carbon intensive than ever before... Read more
female coffee producer

The indispensable role of women in coffee

From pickers and producers to baristas and roasters, women contribute to every stage of the coffee supply chain. Jenna Gottlieb speaks with Lucia Bawot and Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery to understand their crucial role in the industry... Read more