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how to find the best baristas

How can coffee shops attract the best baristas?

As the specialty coffee industry continues to grow, co-founder of Water Avenue Coffee Matt Milletto explains how coffee shops can entice talented baristas to join their team... Read more

What happens when you freeze roasted coffee at home?

João Carvalho speaks with Professor Chahan Yeretzian about how home baristas can effectively preserve the freshness of their roasted coffee... Read more
motion-sensor coffee machines

Motion-sensor coffee machines: How much energy can they save?

Anay Mridul speaks with Carimali’s marketing manager, Roberto Gregis, about the energy-saving potential of motion-sensor coffee machines... Read more
coffee-lifestyle brands

The Great Pivot: The rise of coffee-lifestyle brands

Toby Estate’s green coffee buyer, Charlotte Malaval, explains how coffee brands can evolve and build brand identities... Read more
specialty coffee accessible

Is elitism limiting the scope of specialty coffee?

With many areas of the specialty coffee market pushing for wider accessibility, Jenna Gottlieb asks Canadian coffee entrepreneur, Cristian Tellez, if there’s a limit to its reach... Read more
oat milk barista coffee

Will oat milk take off in low to middle-income countries?

As the global popularity of alternative milks grows, Joseph Benavides of Monkey Co Coffee Roasters discusses the challenges oat milk faces as it expands into developing countries... Read more
sustainable coffee production

Is it time to redefine what we mean by “sustainable coffee”?

Former Head of Sustainable Business at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, Catalina Eikenberg, talks to us about the current definition of sustainability and why the coffee industry needs to rethink it... Read more
gesha coffee

Has the market for Gesha coffee peaked?

Gesha coffee’s popularity has been virtually unrivalled over the last two decades. Willem Boot of Boot Coffee discusses whether the coffee industry’s obsession with the variety has started to wane... Read more
Discover the the benefits and environmental considerations of freezing green coffee beans.

Is freezing green coffee environmentally friendly?

Passenger Coffee & Tea’s green coffee buyer, Evan Howe, discusses the benefits and environmental considerations of freezing green coffee... Read more
signature coffee blends

Should hotels offer their own signature coffee blends?

As specialty coffee sweeps into every corner of the hospitality industry, Cleia Junqueira of Coffee Planet explains the value of signature blends for hotels... Read more