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Cold brew opens up new food safety concerns

The rise of cold brew has been meteoric – so much so that some businesses may have omitted to appreciate the additional food safety risks... Read more

Breaking down how to roast coffee blends

For many years, coffee blends were arguably disregarded in the specialty coffee community. However, having featured in the winning routine of this year’s World Barista Championship, this is no longer the case... Read more

Why is whole bean coffee better than ground coffee?

Buying ground coffee suits consumers who value a quick and easy brew method. However, this comes at a cost... Read more

Why does high-altitude coffee taste different?

A coffee's "varietal character" is shaped by its microclimate, including soil quality, temperature, rainfall, and sunlight exposure. High-altitude coffees are also generally considered higher quality - but why?.. Read more

What puck distribution means for espresso extraction

Puck distribution plays a crucial role in achieving balanced and even espresso extraction - but why?.. Read more
how does roast profile affect extraction

How does a coffee’s roast profile affect extraction?

Brew recipes are created around one basic principle: hot water extracting soluble flavour and aroma compounds from coffee. As such, it’s essential that we first look at one of the greatest influences on solubility – a coffee's roast profile.. Read more
What could the coffee industry in 2050 look like?

What the coffee industry could look like in 2050

From soaring prices to more robusta, Thomas Haigh of DRWakefield speaks to Jordan Montgomery about how to adequately prepare for what the coffee industry in 2050 could look like... Read more
temperature profiling with a heylo coffee machine

Understanding the genius of temperature profiling in espresso

Ben Mitchell chats with mechanical engineer Greg Scace about how induction heating in espresso machines has opened up a whole world of opportunities for temperature profiling... Read more
world barista championship judges

What would a revamped World Barista Championship look like?

The World Barista Championship has played an instrumental role in the coffee industry for over two decades. Matt Haw speaks with Jay Caragay to find out why it’s time for a revamp... Read more
Espresso channelling

Is espresso channelling really that bad?

Jordan Montgomery speaks to coffee researcher Dr Robert McKeon Aloe about whether it is time to challenge long-held beliefs about the impact of espresso channelling on the final cup... Read more