About Us

New Ground is a publication dedicated to advancing the coffee sector and building a close-knit community of professionals.

Launched in 2022, New Ground draws on insight from a range of industry leaders to deliver fresh, informative, and cutting-edge content every week.

With input from CEOs, champion baristas, and sensory scientists, our aim is to drive innovation and spark discussions about the most important topics.

While we always have an eye on coffee’s unique heritage and traditions, we are keenly focused on examining where the industry is heading.

This means analysing the latest developments and presenting them in their wider context, from sustainability trends to technological advancements. It’s what keeps both us and our readers at the forefront of the coffee sector.

New Ground’s content is split across four distinct categories:

Research & Development

The coffee industry is plagued with misconceptions that have little to no scientific grounding. New Ground is committed to challenging these misconceptions by drawing on the latest data, research, and industry expertise, and putting it in front of readers.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Protecting the future of not only coffee, but the planet has become a priority for almost every business around the world. By studying these topics in depth, New Ground helps to create a clearer picture and offer viable solutions for those with the ability to make a difference.

Community & Trends

Analysing the latest trends and understanding what drives them is vital to improving the coffee industry. As experts in big picture thinking, New Ground is poised to present these trends not as standalone developments but as part of the wider coffee community.

Design & Engineering

New Ground has unrivalled access to some of the industry’s top engineers, technicians, and coffee machine manufacturers. By presenting insight from these experts, readers can understand coffee’s latest technological developments clearer than ever before.