Welcome to New Ground magazine, dedicated to advancing the coffee sector and building a close-knit community of professionals.

We discuss key coffee industry questions, highlight the best in product and coffee shop design, and celebrate the people and innovations breaking new ground in the sector; all while considering what the implications are for the future of the coffee industry.

Launched in 2022, the New Ground coffee publication draws upon insight from a range of industry leaders to deliver fresh, informative, and cutting-edge content every week.

New Ground Coffee Contributors


With input from CEOs, champion baristas, and sensory scientists, New Ground aims to drive innovation and spark discussions about the most important topics.

We draw on the knowledge and experience of coffee professionals from across the industry, ensuring that we are always presenting the most relevant information.

Some experts that have contributed to New Ground include Freda Yuan, Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery, Dr Robert McKeon Aleo, Agnieszka Rojewksa, Davide Cobelli, Gwilym Davies, Josh Tarlo, Wojciech Tysler, Kyoungha Charlie Chu, Tom Kuyken, John Gordon, Dale Harris, Yu Yamamoto, Patrick O’Malley, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Hidenori Izaki, Matteo Pavoni, Chris Sheppard, and many more.


We publish content from a selection of writers that are positioned to stay on top of industry trends, including Jordan Montgomery, Jenna Gottlieb, Matt Haw, Anay Mridul, Gabriella Oakley, Hayley Osborne, Bronwyn Linkhorn, David Phillips, Tanya Nanetti, Imogen Rose Phillips, Francesca Lapierre, Jess Palmer, Melchior Antoine, Michelle Anindya, Yker Valerio, and many more.

The New Ground coffee publication interviews coffee experts, barista champions, scientists, CEOs, and more to discuss important coffee industry topics.

New Ground Magazine Editorial Policy

While we always appreciate coffee’s unique heritage and traditions, we are keenly focused on examining where the industry is heading.

This means analysing the latest developments and presenting them in their wider context, from sustainability trends to technological advancements. It’s what keeps both us and our readers at the forefront of the coffee sector.

New Ground’s content is split across four distinct categories:

Research & Development

The coffee industry is plagued with misconceptions that have little to no scientific grounding. New Ground is committed to challenging these misconceptions by drawing on the latest data, research, and industry expertise, and putting it in front of readers.

Our recent article, “Understanding the genius of temperature profiling in espresso”, is a fascinating topic to explore under this category.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Protecting the future of not only coffee, but the planet has become a priority for almost every business around the world. By studying these topics in depth, New Ground helps to create a clearer picture and offer viable solutions for those with the ability to make a difference.

How arabica-robusta blends can save coffee shops” is an insightful article exploring how coffee shops can combat the pressure of rising costs.

Community & Trends

Analysing the latest trends and understanding what drives them is vital to improving the coffee industry. As experts in big-picture thinking, New Ground is poised to present these trends not as standalone developments but as part of the wider coffee community.

Articles such as “What the coffee industry could look like in 2050”, and “Will traditional coffee shops die out with Gen Z”, are topics you can expect from this category.

Design & Engineering

The New Ground coffee publication has unrivalled access to some of the industry’s top engineers, technicians, and machine manufacturers. By presenting insight from these experts, readers can understand coffee’s latest technological developments clearer than ever before.

For example, “Is it time to stop steaming milk for coffee?” explores the new induction heating technology and the benefits it can bring to frothing milk.

The New Ground coffee publication explores the latest trends in sustainability, coffee quality, innovation, design, and more.

New Ground Coffee Monthly Guest Column

Each month, we hand the New Ground coffee publication over to an industry insider with a particular insight to share. We believe there is so much to learn from professionals working in the specialty coffee sector, and are committed to giving them their voice through New Ground.

Writing on a more personal note, our Guest Columns provide unique insight into the industry from a range of perspectives. So far, our guest columnists include Emi Fukahori, World Brewers Cup Champion 2018; Alessio Pezzoni, CEO of Elektra Coffee; Casey Lalonde, co-founder of Girls Who Grind Coffee; Jon Townsend, Institute of Coffee director; and Pete Licata, World Barista Champion 2013.

New Ground Magazine Partners

We work closely with our partners at VEA Ventures, who have helped build some of the most prominent names in the coffee industry, including Elektra, Caramali, and Heylo.

The team at VEA guide the strategic direction of the New Ground coffee publication, as well as contribute custom artwork to complement all of our Guest Columns and some of our other articles.

What we aim for at New Ground

By keeping a close eye on these four categories, New Ground aims to deliver relevant, comprehensive content to our readers.

With a focus on coffee consumption trends, we aspire to build a tight-knit community – bringing together business owners, coffee professionals and coffee drinkers.

The coffee industry faces more challenges than ever before and the role that consuming countries have to play is a pivotal one.

With a knowledge and awareness that spans the industry, New Ground magazine aims to contextualise the most exciting trends and innovations affecting coffee businesses today, while considering the implications for the future of the industry.

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