Sustainability & Supply Chain

coffee taster's flavour wheel

Is it time to reinvent the Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel?

João Carvalho speaks with the CoffeeMind’s CEO, Morten Münchow, about how the SCA flavour wheel can become more inclusive... Read more
fine robusta

Could high-quality robusta replace arabica?

Jenna Gottlieb speaks with Pranoy Thipaiah of the Kerehaklu coffee farm in India about the rising potential of fine robusta... Read more
energy efficient coffee machines

How to design an energy-efficient coffee shop

Yker Valerio speaks with Professor Chahan Yeretzian of the ZHAW Coffee Excellence Center about the importance of reducing energy consumption in modern-day coffee shops... Read more

Should coffee shops aim to become carbon neutral?

Anay Mridul speaks with Coffee Collective’s Thomas Stridsland about whether going carbon neutral is the best route for coffee shops... Read more
super-automatic coffee machines

Can super-automatic coffee machines handle plant-based milks?

Anay Mridul speaks with Oatly’s Toby Weedon and Carimali’s Antonello Ferrante to discover how plant-based milks and super-automatic machines have evolved to complement each other... Read more