has the vegan milk craze peaked?

Has the vegan milk coffee craze peaked?

In spite of their presence in the coffee industry for over ten years, the vegan milk category is still often considered the new kid on the block. However, plant-based products have made a serious dent in the once-monopolised milk segment... Read more
coffee flavour wheels have become an icon

What do localised coffee flavour wheels mean for the industry?

Matt Haw speaks with Andrew Hetzel about region-specific coffee flavour wheels, and how developing localised language around flavour might not be as simple as it seems... Read more
will infused coffees get bigger in 2023?

Infused coffees: Will they get bigger in 2023?

As specialty coffee brands find new ways to set themselves apart, some in the industry believe that infused coffees have pushed things too far... Read more
coffee shop loyalty schemes create a loyal customer base

Do coffee shop loyalty schemes actually work?

Loyal customers are the backbone of coffee shops around the world. Just a 5% increase in customer retention has been found to raise profits by 25-95%. It is no wonder that businesses work hard to ensure customers are made to feel valued. Coffee shop loyalty schemes are a way to retain regulars and entice more customers.. Read more
should university coffee be provided for free?

Exploring the argument for free university coffee

Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world. It is no wonder students have come to rely on it to fuel unconventional waking hours and often sleep-deprived lives. It's time to consider how best university coffee can be provided.. Read more
LEON expands into the UK coffee market

How LEON is carving out a niche in the UK coffee market

It’s not very often that a brand comes along and shakes up the UK coffee market. But when LEON opened in 2004, it did just that. Hayley Osborne looks at LEON’s approach to sustainability, and how staying aware of consumer attitudes has helped affirm their place in the UK coffee market... Read more
Customer enjoying an after-meal espresso

Serving an after-dinner espresso is good for business

For restaurants it has become increasingly important to offer an after-dinner espresso, not just to expand their range of menu items, but also to improve their bottom line... Read more
What could the coffee industry in 2050 look like?

What the coffee industry could look like in 2050

From soaring prices to more robusta, Thomas Haigh of DRWakefield speaks to Jordan Montgomery about how to adequately prepare for what the coffee industry in 2050 could look like... Read more
Eric Tessier speaks about coffee shop design

How % Arabica redefined coffee shop design

Today, Kenneth Shoji’s coffee shop chain, % Arabica, has grown from one small store in Hong Kong to more than 150 outlets across 20 countries. From its headquarters in Kyoto, it has become an internationally recognised name owing to its minimalist coffee shop design, good-quality coffee, and striking espresso machines... Read more
london coffee festival 2023

What you missed at London Coffee Festival 2023

New Ground dropped in to the London Coffee Festival for an exhilarating four days of exceptional coffees and stand-out innovation that’s set to guide the future of the industry... Read more