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gen z coffee trends

Will traditional coffee shops die out with Gen Z?

Gen Z has massive buying power. But they don't seem as interested in coffee shops as their predecessors. So is the future of the sector in jeopardy?.. Read more
hotel coffee breakfast

From sachets to specialty: The incredible evolution of hotel coffee

Michelle Anindya speaks with Gleneagles Hotel’s head of coffee, George Chatzianastasiou, about how specialty coffee has filtered into hotels... Read more
low-caffeine coffees rave half caff

Why businesses are backing low-caffeine coffees

Jordan Montgomery speaks with Emily Pegler of Rave Coffee and specialty coffee importer Cole Torode about the growing opportunities of a coffee market without the caffeine... Read more
sparkling coffee japan

The rise and rise of Japan’s sparkling coffee craze

The country’s ready-to-drink coffee sector is taking on the US – and a vital part of this growth is the rise of canned sparkling coffees. Matt Haw speaks with Light Up Coffee’s CEO, Yuma Kawano, to find out more... Read more
sugar in specialty coffee

Is sugar making a comeback in specialty coffee?

Ben Mitchell speaks with the founder of Coaltown Coffee Roasters, Scott James, to understand whether sugar has a place in the “elitist” world of specialty coffee... Read more
2023 coffee sector trends

An inside guide to 2023’s coffee sector trends

From rising coffee shop footfall to the explosion of sustainable coffee balls, these are the coffee sector trends set to define the year ahead... Read more
patagonia clothing

What can Patagonia teach coffee businesses about sustainability?

California clothing brand Patagonia has driven sustainability in the fashion industry for nearly half a century... Read more
italian brand illy caffe

Does the ‘Italian brand’ still hold sway in the coffee industry?

Ben Mitchell speaks with Italian barista trainer Simone Amenini to untangle the myths surrounding Italian coffee culture and to understand its unique value in the contemporary coffee industry... Read more
cold brew tea

Will cold brew tea knock coffee off its perch?

The co-founder of East Forged, Tania Stacey, speaks to New Ground about whether cold brew tea can disrupt the dizzying popularity of its coffee counterpart... Read more
what's on december

World AeroPress Champ, Christmas shopping, Barista League & more

From AeroPress finals to coffee equipment shopping, New Ground rounds up the top things to look out for this December... Read more