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Vadym Granovskiy

Vadym Granovskiy: The man fuelling Ukraine’s war effort

Benedict Smith speaks with Vadym Granovskiy, the founder of Coffee In Action, whose supply of coffee is helping to keep up the morale of Ukraine’s soldiers... Read more
coffee shop subscriptions

Do coffee shop subscriptions work?

Today we rely on subscriptions for everything, from listening to music to staying fit. But can a subscription model really work for a coffee shop?.. Read more
world barista champions

Why do World Barista Champions never defend their titles?

Since the WBC’s inception in 2000, not a single champion has defended their title. Jenna Gottlieb speaks with 2009’s winner, Gwilym Davies, to find out why... Read more
Agnieszka Rojewska interview

Agnieszka Rojewska: “My win means women are more visible in the coffee industry”

Agnieszka Rojewska speaks to New Ground about becoming the first woman to win two world coffee titles, the challenges of training with alcohol, and why she chose the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championships over a holiday to Alaska... Read more
barista training to be a coffee roaster

A leap of faith: The journey from barista to coffee roaster

The leap from barista to roaster is a journey taken by many within the coffee industry. Matt Haw explores the career paths of three roasters – Darren Kelly, Ben Symes, and James O’Leary – to find out how and why they made the leap... Read more
single-origin blends

Will single-origin blends take over the specialty coffee industry?

Matt Haw speaks with the founder and CEO of Expat Roasters, Shae Macnamara, about the virtues of blending multi-processed coffees from the same region... Read more
wood roasting coffee beans

Wood-roasted coffee: Is it set to make a comeback?

As global gas prices soar, Jenna Gottlieb speaks with Mr. Espresso’s vice president of coffee, John Di Ruocco, about the renewed interest in wood-roasted coffee. .. Read more
blue bottle coffee

Twenty years on: How Blue Bottle Coffee captured the hearts & minds of consumers

From single coffee cart to global behemoth, Blue Bottle Coffee’s journey has been one of twists and turns, with one constant: the ability to capture the imagination of the specialty coffee community... Read more
italian coffee culture

How two global crises changed Italy’s coffee culture

Professor Jonathan Morris discusses how the 2008 financial crisis and the outbreak of Covid-19 have fundamentally changed the way Italians think about coffee... Read more
elektra coffee machine in a bar

Does coffee have a place in UK pubs?

Benedict Smith chats to author, historian, and podcaster Professor Jonathan Morris about the role of coffee in pubs and whether it poses a challenge to the UK’s café scene... Read more