matteo pavoni

Matteo Pavoni: “It took a week to register what was happening”

Matteo Pavoni speaks to New Ground about being crowned 2022 Italian Barista Champion, the importance of competitions for the industry, and what he’s doing to prepare for the WBC... Read more
broken and cracked coffee beans

Are celebrity endorsements hurting the coffee industry?

Anay Mridul assesses the relationship between coffee brands and their celebrity endorsees, exploring whether enough is being done to ensure they leave a positive mark on the industry... Read more
espresso italy

Can customer interaction convince Italians to pay more for espresso?

Ditta Artigianale co-founder, Francesco Sanapo, and His Majesty Coffee owner, Paolo Scimone, discuss how Italian coffee bars can help justify the rising price of espresso... Read more
espresso martini

How coffee cocktails bounced back

Jess Palmer speaks to Coffee In Good Spirits Champion Dan Fellows about the yo-yoing popularity of coffee cocktails... Read more
espresso machines

The remarkable evolution of espresso machines

Reigning Italian Barista Champion, Matteo Pavoni, charts the impressive innovations of espresso machines over the last 150 years... Read more
japan specialty coffee shop

Has Covid-19 changed Japan’s specialty coffee culture for good?

The pandemic turned Japan’s specialty coffee industry on its head almost overnight. Leading industry figures Kentaro Maruyama and Kenji Kojima reveal how it responded – and whether Covid-19 has changed the country’s coffee culture for good... Read more
hugh kelly coffee blends at competition

Why blends are taking over at coffee competitions

Jenna Gottlieb chats to 2021 WBC finalist Hugh Kelly about the reappearance of competition blends and what it means for..... Read more
hidenori izaki

“Fiercely competitive”: Hidenori Izaki lifts the lid on specialty coffee in Japan

From the evolution of kissaten to the changing role of the barista, 2014 World Barista Champion Hidenori Izaki gives the lowdown on specialty coffee in Japan... Read more