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NY Coffee Festival, Hoffmann’s audiobook, FHA Singapore & more

From book launches to international trade shows, October promises to be an action-packed month in the world of coffee. New Ground rounds up the top picks for the month ahead... Read more
world barista championship

Is the World Barista Championship too expensive?

Barista trainer and 2021 WBC finalist, Wojciech Tysler, speaks to Imogen Rose Phillips about the cost of competing at the prestigious event and how it can impact participation... Read more

How to build a brand identity for your coffee shop

Bronwyn Linkhorn speaks with two coffee shop owners about how building an authentic brand identity that resonates can pave the way to long-term success... Read more
rtd coffee

Who will win the race for RTD coffee dominance?

Micky Baker unwraps the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee craze, analysing how it’s exploded onto the scene, why it’s so popular, and how coffee brands can stake their claim in the rapidly growing market... Read more
pete licata

Pete Licata: “Having a family has changed the risks I’m willing to take”

Benedict Smith chats with 2013 World Barista Champion and coffee consultant, Pete Licata, about automation, Australian coffee culture, and the importance of finally settling down... Read more
espresso culture in japan

Is Japan starting to embrace an espresso culture?

Certified Q grader and representative of Single O Japan, Yu Yamamoto, speaks to Matt Haw about Japanese coffee shop culture and its widespread adoption of espresso... Read more
staff shortages

The Great Resignation: How staff shortages are affecting coffee businesses

Brand and marketing director Graham Hadaway speaks with Jenna Gottlieb about how HoReCa businesses – including coffee shops – have battled with staff shortages and what can be done to remedy ongoing issues... Read more
barista competitions

Why are barista competitions so popular in the US?

Melchior Antoine speaks with barista championship judge Patrick O’Malley about how American coffee professionals fell in love with competitions... Read more
gen z coffee consumers

How can coffee brands stay relevant to Gen Z consumers?

Anay Mridul speaks to Rob Baines of Farrer’s and Daniel Webber of Chimney Fire Coffee to learn how coffee brands can tackle the most intimidating market of all: Gen Z... Read more
specialty coffee cocktails

Can coffee cocktails generate an interest in specialty coffee?

Jenna Gottlieb speaks with Jennifer Poole of Those Coffee People to examine how synergy between alcohol and coffee can open doors to the specialty coffee experience... Read more