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Does the ‘Italian brand’ still hold sway in the coffee industry?

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Will cold brew tea knock coffee off its perch?

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World AeroPress Champ, Christmas shopping, Barista League & more

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Pete Licata: Blends and single origins should not exist in isolation

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Tapping into Thailand’s burgeoning specialty coffee scene

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A barista champion’s guide to specialty coffee in South Korea

Matt Haw interviews 2021 World Cup Tasters Champion, Kyoungha Charlie Chu, to reveal South Korea’s evolving coffee culture and the role of ambitious, young baristas like himself... Read more
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The crucial role of coffee in workplace wellness

Hayley Osborne chats with the co-founder of the Workplace Wellness Company, Kevin Burnham, to find out how a small cup of coffee can make the world of difference to staff wellbeing... Read more

In with the old: Why young people love vintage espresso machines

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What do modern-day consumers expect from coffee shops?

Intelligentsia’s director of innovation, Bailey Manson, speaks to Jenna Gottlieb about what coffee shops can do to increase footfall in a post-pandemic era... Read more
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Milan Coffee Festival, Heylo product launch, WBC tour & more

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