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interior design can make a coffee shop stand out

What makes a coffee shop stand out?

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How much do coffee and wine actually have in common?

Coffee and wine are often compared, with many drawing similarities between a shared emphasis on craftsmanship, expression of terroir, processing, varieties, and taste appreciation. But how similar are they really?.. Read more

What to expect from this year’s Barcelona Coffee Awards

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When will we see more robusta in coffee shops?

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Coffee shop layout: Managing a multi-storey coffee shop

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Is crowdfunding a good option when opening a coffee shop? 

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The rise of service station coffee

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How Chinese coffee consumption is driven by technology

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Has Indonesia’s kopitiam culture bounced back?

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If a recession is incoming, how can coffee shop owners prepare for it?

Since the pandemic, coffee shop owners have worked tirelessly to increase foot traffic and salvage their profit margins. However, industry-wide staff shortages, inflation, and the increasing popularity of home brewing are significant challenges to overcome. And with a recession looming in some regions, there are likely to be further difficulties ahead... Read more