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workers visit a coffee shop to improve their workplace wellness

The crucial role of coffee in workplace wellness

Hayley Osborne chats with the co-founder of the Workplace Wellness Company, Kevin Burnham, to find out how a small cup of coffee can make the world of difference to staff wellbeing... Read more

In with the old: Why young people love vintage espresso machines

Jenna Gottlieb chats with Mirko Michielon of Elektra and Roland Buurman of Vintage Espresso Machines Holland to find out why new is not always better when it comes to young coffee consumers... Read more
modern day consumers at a coffee shop

What do modern-day consumers expect from coffee shops?

Intelligentsia’s director of innovation, Bailey Manson, speaks to Jenna Gottlieb about what coffee shops can do to increase footfall in a post-pandemic era... Read more
what's on november

Milan Coffee Festival, Heylo product launch, WBC tour & more

From NFT cafes to coffee technician summits, November is set to be a busy few weeks in the world of coffee. New Ground rounds up all the highlights for the month ahead... Read more
moka pot

How the moka pot bounced back

Fourth-generation Italian coffee roaster, Valentina Ulivieri, speaks with Jenna Gottlieb about how the iconic moka pot has managed to fend off the threat of coffee capsules... Read more
huggs coffee singapore

How Huggs Coffee became a blueprint for success

In early 2020, Covid-19 brought Singapore’s Huggs Coffee to the brink as sales fell virtually to zero. Today, it has set its sights on international expansion. Benedict Smith speaks with Hugg’s managing director, Haoming Lee, to find out how it rode the wave... Read more
world barista championship

Rare vs. specialty coffee: Has the World Barista Championship blurred the lines?

Jenna Gottlieb draws on the experience of two coffee experts to understand the difference between rare and specialty coffee – and how the barista competitions may be muddying the waters... Read more
barista courses

Are barista courses really worth it?

Jenna Gottlieb chats with barista trainer Vicki Hart to find out whether formal training beats hands-on experience when it comes to working at a coffee shop... Read more
MICE 2022

What went down at Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2022?

From product innovations to a new World Barista Champion, MICE came back with a bang last week. Our reporter, Jordan Montgomery, was in attendance... Read more
specialty coffee shop menu

From house blends to single origin: How to build a successful specialty coffee shop menu

Yker Valerio speaks to the owners of Bean Theory Coffee, a specialty coffee shop in Thane, India, about the impact a menu can have on a coffee shop’s success... Read more