Competing is a personal journey – staying authentic is the key to success

Competing is one of the best ways to grow as a coffee professional and as an individual. But growth comes with putting yourself outside of your comfort zone – and that’s exactly what competitions do... Read more
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In the coffee industry, sustainability is about to get serious

Former café owner and senior manager at Redemption Roasters, Ben Mitchell, discusses why a new wave of regulations and changing consumer behaviour are about to shake up the coffee industry forever. .. Read more
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Italy is still the most innovative country in the world for coffee

The CEO of Elektra Coffee, Alessio Pezzoni, explains how a small town in Italy has been at the heart of some of the most astonishing innovations in espresso for nearly 80 years... Read more
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We’re about to see a wave of change in the coffee industry – I’m all for it

Casey Lalonde, the co-founder of Girls Who Grind Coffee, a women-owned coffee roastery based in the UK, unveils why 2023 will mark several turning points for the coffee industry... Read more
Coffee consumers must accept higher prices if coffee shops are to survive.

Why we must accept higher prices if coffee shops are to survive

Institute of Coffee director and AST Trainer, Jon Townsend, discusses why consumers must take a more sympathetic approach to price rises at their favourite coffee shops... Read more

Pete Licata: Blends and single origins should not exist in isolation

2013 World Barista Champion, Pete Licata, says it’s time to shake up the way we perceive blends in the specialty coffee industry... Read more