pret a manger uses automation

How automation became crucial to Pret A Manger’s success

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alessio pezzoni ceo elektra coffee

Italy is still the most innovative country in the world for coffee

The CEO of Elektra Coffee, Alessio Pezzoni, explains how a small town in Italy has been at the heart of some of the most astonishing innovations in espresso for nearly 80 years... Read more
steam wands pouring milk

Steam wands: Do they stifle productivity in coffee shops?

Jordan Montgomery speaks with Kresten Thøgersen of Father Carpenter about the challenges of steaming milk and how modular technology is helping cafés improve workflow... Read more
baristas specialty coffee shop

How can baristas make more time for their customers?

Matt Haw speaks with Norwegian Brewers Cup Champion, Tom Kuyken, about how baristas can juggle chatting to customers with the pressures of their all-important daily tasks... Read more
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Is induction heating the future of espresso machines?

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How superautomatic coffee machines redefined airport coffee

Bronwyn Linkhorn speaks to Hawaiian Paradise Coffee vice president, Marilyn Kiriakos, to find out how superautomatic coffee machines have elevated the airport coffee experience... Read more
Cropped shot of barista pouring milk in to a cup of coffee.

Will automation change the role of the barista for good?

Automation will spell the end of baristas – or will it? Jenna Gottlieb chats with Demian Estevez of Mojo Coffee House in New Orleans about the myths around automatic coffee equipment and their impact on the labour market... Read more
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Secrets of the superautomatics: Behind the curtain of coffee’s greatest invention

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Are modular systems the future of espresso?

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9 bar standard for espresso

Feeling the pressure: Why baristas are ditching the 9-bar standard for espresso

Professional barista Francesca Lapierre breaks down the science behind pressure in espresso brewing and how modern baristas are using pressure profiling technology to achieve the perfect pull... Read more