superautomatic coffee machines

Are superautomatic coffee machines the secret to a more profitable business?

Anay Mridul speaks with the founder of Coffee Culture Thailand, Susan Villota, about how coffee shop businesses can leverage superautomatic coffee machines and their innovative technology to cut costs... Read more
starbucks automation

How automation helped Starbucks become the world’s largest coffee chain 

Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world by some margin, and its success has been chalked down to many things. Jenna Gottlieb speaks with automation expert Casey Chartier-Vignapiano about how Starbucks has used automation to grow to such heights... Read more
freshness of coffee in hoppers

How to maintain the freshness of coffee in hoppers

Leaving beans overnight in hoppers is a pet peeve for many in the specialty coffee industry. World Champion Barista Hidenori Izaki explains why maintaining their freshness is vital... Read more
tech-led coffee company

Exploring the rise of tech-led coffee companies

Bellwether Coffee’s chief coffee officer, Arno Holschuh, talks about the intersection between technology and coffee, and how the future of tech-led coffee companies is shaping up... Read more
milk frothing for coffee

Could automatic milk frothers replace the classic steam wand?

Head barista and founder of Latte Art Bar, Joao Almeida, speaks with Jenna Gottlieb about the advantages of automatic milk frothers in modern coffee shops... Read more
elektra coffee machine

How coffee shops can upscale their servings in a post-pandemic world

As consumers settle into post-pandemic life, operations lead at Starbucks South Africa, Ishan Natalie, explains how coffee shops can entice them back by upscaling their servings... Read more
overheating coffee grinders slingshot

The problem with overheating coffee grinders

Jenna Gottlieb speaks with coffee scientist Adam Lees about how hot grinders can affect coffee extraction and what can be done to mitigate the problem... Read more
superautomatic coffee machines

How superautomatic coffee machines can improve customer engagement

Jess Palmer speaks with barista trainer and VP of product at Blank Street Coffee, Jai Lott, about how automatic coffee equipment can help foster greater customer engagement... Read more
barista workflow in a coffee shop

How to maximise barista workflow for a better customer experience

The owner of Precision Pour, Brice Young, chats with Tanya Nanetti about the concept of barista workflow and its role in keeping cafés organised and efficient... Read more
nicole battefeld montgomery

A barista champion’s guide to cleaning your home espresso machine

2022 German Brewers Cup Champion, Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery, outlines the value and necessity of properly caring for and maintaining your espresso machine... Read more