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World of Coffee 2022: What to look out for at this year’s event

Europe’s premier coffee event, World of Coffee, is returning after several Covid-19-related postponements. Jenna Gottlieb reports on the best exhibitors and innovative products to look out for at this year’s instalment.

After a three-year hiatus, the 2022 World of Coffee (WoC) trade show is making its long awaited return this week.

Set to be held at the MiCo Milano Convention Centre in Milan, Italy, between 23 and 25 June, it will host a series of workshops, lectures, cupping sessions, and more than 200 exhibitors.

WoC will also provide the stage for five world coffee championships, including the cup tasters, roasting, and coffee in good spirits competitions.

Alongside the SCA Expo, WoC is one of the most coveted coffee events in the calendar year and, naturally, is generating considerable excitement among key industry figures.

The SCA’s flagship European coffee trade show was last held in Berlin in 2019. It was postponed several times due to Covid-19 and was originally due to take place in Warsaw this year. However, due to regional concerns surrounding the war in Ukraine, the event was moved to Italy.

Nevertheless, the two-day event is expected to draw in thousands of attendees from around the world, presenting an opportunity for coffee professionals to gather, share knowledge, and discover the latest innovations. Some of the world’s biggest brands in coffee will be exhibiting, including Bellezza, Elektra, and Heylo.

Here’s what to look out for at World of Coffee 2022.

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Must-see espresso innovation

One of the most exciting aspects of WoC is exploring new products by some of the biggest names in the coffee industry. Bellezza and Elektra representatives, in particular, are thrilled to be showcasing their new ranges of espresso machines.

“We will take this opportunity to present our new Vittoria machine,” Ariele says. “Our first one group machine is also designed for professional use, thanks to the double boiler, with an important steam boiler volume (two litres).”

Above all, it’s a machine designed to complement the latest technological advances, whether at home or in the coffee shop.

“Thanks to its dedicated app, it can satisfy both the domestic user and the barista,” Ariele says. “There’s a heating time of just five minutes, and the water flow can be controlled by hand during the extraction.”

Meanwhile, Elektra, a traditional Italian espresso machine manufacturer, will introduce new additions to its prestigious Verve line.

“We will showcase the newest launches like the Verve Mini and deep dive into everything from the Elektra Verve,” says Mariaelena Zanocco, Elektra’s marketing manager. “At our booth, you can speak to the people behind your favourite Elektra products and taste a big selection of coffees.”

Elektra will also have several accessories on display. “Check out Elektra’s branded goodies, a milk pitcher, coffee distributor, tamper, microfibre cloth, and cappuccino cups,” Mariaelena says.

Not to be missed is a wall dedicated entirely to the innovative Sunny Verve espresso machine. Developed alongside 2018 World Barista Champion, Agnieszka Rojewska, the Sunny Verve is designed to achieve high-quality, full-bodied extraction for each and every cup of coffee.

“There will be special editions in white, black and red,” Mariaelena adds. “In addition, Indie and KUP espresso makers will be exhibited with a chance for baristas and espresso enthusiasts to gain hands-on experience.”

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Guilt-free coffee & interactive experiences

Sustainability is an important focus for many coffee companies and it’s something brands are increasingly incorporating into their marketing efforts.

Heylo, an induction-powered espresso machine manufacturer which made a big splash at HostMilano with its steam-less milk frother technology, is just one brand that plans to highlight its commitment to sustainability at this year’s WoC.

“We want to promote the idea of people bringing their cups so that we can use as few disposable cups as possible in line with our #LessGuiltyCoffee slogan,” says Diana Zuluaga, marketing content specialist at Heylo.

The slogan, which has been popular on social media, encourages coffee consumers to choose the most recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable packaging options. Heylo suggests checking if the coffee packaging is made with kraft paper, rice paper or polylatic acid (PLA).

The company’s stand will also be the go-to place for interactive experiences, with attendees offered the opportunity to meet and engage with like-minded coffee professionals. “We will have a card deck with challenges in our booth,” Diana explains. “We want people to be able to interact with our barista through the challenges.”

After a three-year break, World of Coffee 2022 promises an action-packed return. With exciting innovations from Elektra and Bellezza, and a series of fun experiences planned by Heylo, WoC is not to be missed.

You can find Bellezza & Elektra at Booth H3-K06, pavilion 3.

Header photo credit: World of Coffee

World of Coffee 2022: What to look out for at this year’s event

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