Coffee consumers must accept higher prices if coffee shops are to survive.

Why we must accept higher prices if coffee shops are to survive

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Pete Licata: Blends and single origins should not exist in isolation

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Are barista courses really worth it?

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Is “pre-workout coffee” a scam?

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How can coffee shops manage rising costs without decreasing coffee quality?

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Pete Licata: “Having a family has changed the risks I’m willing to take”

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The Great Resignation: How staff shortages are affecting coffee businesses

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Step by step: The quest to reduce the carbon footprint of espresso

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The indispensable role of women in coffee

From pickers and producers to baristas and roasters, women contribute to every stage of the coffee supply chain. Jenna Gottlieb speaks with Lucia Bawot and Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery to understand their crucial role in the industry... Read more
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Beanless coffee: Is it really sustainable?

Coffee production is under threat from the growing impact of climate change. Jenna Gottlieb speaks with Atomo Coffee’s head of growth, Ed Hoehn, to find out whether “beanless coffee” products hold the solution... Read more