Agnieszka Rojewska interview

Agnieszka Rojewska: “My win means women are more visible in the coffee industry”

Agnieszka Rojewska speaks to New Ground about becoming the first woman to win two world coffee titles, the challenges of training with alcohol, and why she chose the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championships over a holiday to Alaska... Read more
how to find the best baristas

How can coffee shops attract the best baristas?

As the specialty coffee industry continues to grow, co-founder of Water Avenue Coffee Matt Milletto explains how coffee shops can entice talented baristas to join their team... Read more
barista training to be a coffee roaster

A leap of faith: The journey from barista to coffee roaster

The leap from barista to roaster is a journey taken by many within the coffee industry. Matt Haw explores the career paths of three roasters – Darren Kelly, Ben Symes, and James O’Leary – to find out how and why they made the leap... Read more
telemetry coffee making

Telemetry: Can data help baristas make better coffee?

Carimali’s sales director, Christian Palmieri, speaks with Tanya Nanetti about coffee telemetry, and its potential to streamline and improve café operations... Read more
specialty coffee accessible

Is elitism limiting the scope of specialty coffee?

With many areas of the specialty coffee market pushing for wider accessibility, Jenna Gottlieb asks Canadian coffee entrepreneur, Cristian Tellez, if there’s a limit to its reach... Read more
specialty decaf coffee

The decaffeination of specialty coffee

Director of Marketing at Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc, Erin Read, discusses how the rise in decaffeinated specialty coffee is affecting the sector at large... Read more
sustainable coffee production

Is it time to redefine what we mean by “sustainable coffee”?

Former Head of Sustainable Business at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, Catalina Eikenberg, talks to us about the current definition of sustainability and why the coffee industry needs to rethink it... Read more
gesha coffee

Has the market for Gesha coffee peaked?

Gesha coffee’s popularity has been virtually unrivalled over the last two decades. Willem Boot of Boot Coffee discusses whether the coffee industry’s obsession with the variety has started to wane... Read more
coffee taster's flavour wheel

Is it time to reinvent the Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel?

João Carvalho speaks with the CoffeeMind’s CEO, Morten Münchow, about how the SCA flavour wheel can become more inclusive... Read more
energy efficient coffee machines

How to design an energy-efficient coffee shop

Yker Valerio speaks with Professor Chahan Yeretzian of the ZHAW Coffee Excellence Center about the importance of reducing energy consumption in modern-day coffee shops... Read more