Launched in 2022, New Ground draws on insight from a range of industry leaders to publish engaging and informative content about 21st century coffee culture.

With insight from CEOs, champion baristas, and sensory scientists, our aim is to kickstart discussions about innovation in the sector. The content we publish is targeted at those who brew and drink coffee, whether they’re industry professionals or passionate home consumers.

This means breaking down the latest developments in the coffee industry, whether that’s looking at how coffee machines can be more energy-efficient or understanding how espresso culture is changing around the world.

Our content is split into four distinct categories:

Research & Development

We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of the coffee industry and bringing people the most insightful content we can. We do so by drawing on relevant research, academic studies, and complex industry data, and breaking it down so our readers can easily understand it.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

The coffee industry is becoming increasingly focused on how the decisions that consumers and businesses make affect the entire supply chain. By exploring sustainability in a range of concepts, we contribute to the discussion and offer actionable insights to help people make a difference where they can.

Community & Trends

We want to understand what drives people to enjoy coffee in the way they do. In doing so, we publish content that explores trends across the coffee sector, whether that’s looking at how people enjoy their espresso or why more people than ever are brewing coffee at home.

Design & Engineering

Thanks to our wider network, our editorial team has access to some of the industry’s top engineers, technicians, and coffee machine manufacturers. By presenting insight from these experts, we can help readers understand how coffee technology and equipment is evolving in a clear and precise way.